Not Knotted Now

1980's Add-A-Bead Necklace

Add-A-Bead necklaces.  Do you remember those?

When I was in Jr. High they were the “thing” to have…all the cool girls had them.  The necklace was a  thin delicate gold chain to which you would “add” different sized, shaped, and textured gold beads. (Hence, the name.)  If you didn’t take the necklace off carefully the thin chain would entangle itself around the beads creating knots.  If for some reason the chain continued to be tossed around in your jewelry case/box it would become more and more knotted.  So the next time you pulled it out to wear you’d be holding in your hand a huge knotted disaster. 

Personally, I had no patience to untangle the knots.  I tried to gently work one end of the chain through the jungle of knots, but pretty soon I’d want to rip the whole mess apart!  At that point  I would go to my mom or dad and beg them, “Can you PLEASE untie these knots for me.” 

When I re-dedicated my life to Jesus (as an adult) my life was a huge knotted disaster!   Knots of unforgiveness.  Knots of bitterness.  Knots of rejection.  Knots of abandonment.  Knots of anger.   Unforgiven wounds,  fears, and the deliberate sins of my life had become a  bundle of knots that formed a huge knotted ball in the center of my being.  When I asked Jesus to be my Savior I was also asking Him, “Can You please untie these knots for me?”

Thankfully Jesus is the Master of untying knots…all the knots!  Through inner healing and the healing of memories He began to slowing and gently untie all the knots that had been created in my life.  He took the chain of my memories and untied one knot…then another knot…then another knot.  As I received my healing from Jesus I began to feel freedom from my knotted past.  Looking to my future, I was filled with hope when I saw that the un-knotted chain of my life attached me to Jesus keeping me anchored in His Presence.  What had once been a knotted prison chain for me had been transformed into a chain of life!

He continues to untie knots in my life each time I bring them to Him.  I’m so grateful that He is the One who sets me free…keeping me attached to Him! 

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
John 8:36

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  1. It is so true that He sets us free. Thank you so much for the reminder of how wonderfully good our Savior is to us. He loves us so much and is ever patient with us.

  2. Amy you are an inspiration when it comes to a young woman living in Jesus’ freedom :-)

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